In addition to Production and Sales of AMO Learning Materials, AMO Programme has more: the AMO Training Unit, offering training for teachers. 

Introducing Active Learning Materials in the Educational System in Ghana, a paradigm shift is necessary in Teaching practises. The ‘new experience’ is to create child-centred lessons in which Active Learning is guaranteed. That is not something that can be easily done. For teachers it is important to understand the motives behind this new method of educating children.

AMO Programme is dedicated to help teachers and schools by this new way of thinking. 


AMO Programme offers the following Training Package:

1. Introduction to Active Learning Materials

This Workshop will take about three hours and is most effective when it can take place on location with all the teachers from a school. During the workshop, teachers are challenged to explore the ALMs and make an example lesson. The Training Team from AMO will assist them by doing this and giving feedback afterwards.

2. Practising: Use of ALMs in Lessons

To know what ALMs are and to use them in lessons are two different things. Just by exercising and doing gradually you get used to it. This training is special for the application of ALMs in the lessons with your class by the teacher. What makes the lesson different; where do you have to think about it; how do you organise it; which role do you play as teacher during Active Learning?
These are the topics which will be covered and practised.

3. Active Learning Methods

Is Active Learning always with ALM’s? There can be situations where you do not have the right ALM’s and still you want to use the Active Learning Method. How do go about it? Where do have to care for? How do you organise this? What is helpful and what not?

4. Certification Course for Active Learning Methods

After you have gone through the former courses, you can go in for the Certification Course. 

In this course all categories of ALMs will be covered. Theories and didactics of Active Learning belongs to the contents. Moreover, participants will be practising Active Learning Methods with fellow participants as their class. This course is in the process to become certified by GES. 

The costs for a training depend on type of Training, Location and number of teachers joining the training. AMO Programme, as local NGO, always intends to come to a satisfying agreement. We are challenging you to join this new experience in Teaching World!