Sandpaper Letter and Numbers

  • Name: Sandpaper Letters & Numbers

    Stage: Kindergarten – Basic 3


    Colourful wooden tiles with neatly cut out sandpapers in regular print font. It helps young learners to become familiar with letters and numbers. By feeling the pattern and pronouncing the letter or number, children become familiar with the letters (a – z) and numbers (0 – 9). It is handy during phonic lessons, and for children learning to write, it can be used together with the sand tray before writing tools are introduced.

    Items Include
     – 2 wooden containers
     – 1 set of Sandpaper Letters (a – z)
     5 Blue tiles (Vowels) and 21 Red tiles (Consonants)
     – 1 set of Sandpaper Letters (0 – 9)
       Numbers are found on Green tiles
     – A manual