Reviving Model School Programme

July 13, 2021

The Model Schools Programme is a major platform by which AMO Programme propagates Active learning. Since 2011, one to two schools have been adopted in every region to serve as exemplars of excellence in their communities. In these schools, we provide learning resources, continuous training and mentorship. We motivate them to commit to the principles of child-centred education in their local context.

In the last years, key changes in Ghana’s educational environment impacted performance of our Model Schools and this deepened our need to reform the AMO Model School Programme for greater impact.

Key reforms introduced include:

1. Registration
      – Forms are now available at our website.  Download AMO Model School Forms
      – PTA representatives will be required to endorse forms and to take leading role.

2. Entry Fee
      A one-time entry fee of GHS100.00 will be required upon submission of registration forms.

3. Stakeholder meeting
       Management and PTA representatives will be engaged in a stakeholder meeting.

4. Monitoring
       Twice every term, Model Schools will be visited for monitoring purposes.

5. Benefits for AMO Model Schools
        a. Up to 20% Discount on ALMs for members only (Transport excluded)
        b. Up to 20% Discount on MLMs for members only (Transport excluded)
        c. 10% Discount on Training for members only
        d. Access to ALM Platform (Manuals and Lessons available here)
        e. Access to network of experienced educators
        f. Participation in Model School events and other relevant conferences
        g. Publicity and exposure through our media and platforms
        h. Access to volunteers and interns

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