Our Volunteers


    Throughout the years, the volunteers below have been active for AMO Programme on behalf of a partner organizations. Each with their own expertise. AMO is very happy with the support and input of these enthusiastic young and/or experienced people.
    Marjet de Haan 

    is a retired teacher and even Board member of the ABaCus Foundation in the Netherlands. She worked with a lot of enthusiasm for three months at the end of 2015 at the AMO Programme in Abetifi. She helped a lot with the training of teachers and with producing ALMs. You can get more information from her by e-mail: m.de.haan37@kpnplanet.nl.


    Tanja Hagen 
    was in 2011 at AMO Programme. Read more about her stay at: http://tanjahagen.waarbenjij.nu


    Dirkjan & Carienne van den Berg. 
    Dirkjan and Carienne volunteered in 2009 for AMO Programme. http://dirkjanencarienne.blogspot.nl


    Freke Evers & Linda 
    have been working for AMO Programme for three months in 2006.  http://frekelinda.waarbenjij.nu