Our Partners

  • Stichting ABaCus

    The Abacus Foundation is committed to support the development and production of learning materials and the introduction of education in all local contexts of Africa. Moreover they support Volunteers in their contributions to AMO Programme.

  • Maxim Nyansa I.T Solutions

    give young Africans who are less fortunate a chance to be educated and equipped for their professional lives, especially IT programmes. Teaming up with AMO Programme there is a broader offer to local situations.

  • Trinity Software Centre

    TSC is a social enterprise with the mission to create career perspective for young Africans using Information Technology, partnering AMO Programme realising both missions.

  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam

    Hogeschool van Amsterdam enabling internships to Ghana supporting AMO Modelschools.

  • Biblionef Ghana

    Biblionef Ghana teaming up in the support of local schools or library communities.

  • Lively Minds

    Getting rural preschoolers in Ghana and Uganda school-ready

  • Ghana Education Service

    The Ghana Education Service (GES) was established as part of the Public Service of Ghana in 1974 by NRCD 247 and was subsequently amended by NRCD 252, 357 and SMCD 63, under the fourth Republic Constitution of Ghana.

  • Chance for childhood

    We believe that no child should have to fight for a safe, happy childhood. We exist to ensure that every child in Africa can thrive from their early years through to adulthood.