Montessori Learning Materials


“Help me to do it by myself” – Maria Montessori

The traditional teacher says to his children, “Keep quiet! Do as I say.” Then after basic school, the expectation is that children will become successful independent adults. That doesn’t make sense. Independence, like every other aspect of adult life, is learned little by little in growing increments, with each learning milestone supporting the successful development of the next.

Every child moves through successive phases of physical and mental development identified by Maria Montessori as ‘sensitive periods.’ The child cannot be pushed from one level to the next by means of an arbitrary timetable. The child perfects himself/herself by repeated successful interactions with the Prepared Environment, with other children, and with the teacher.

There is an inner peace, a sense of order and harmony in the child who is allowed to construct his/her own individuality by means of independent work and cooperation, not competition, with other children. So, children who go to a Montessori school won’t need assistance with every last task. They will learn how to solve problems in their own way.

A prominent feature of Montessori education is the use of ‘Manipulatives’. These are standardized materials used to teach one specific concept in concrete form. Manipulatives are found primarily in the classroom setting, rather than a ‘free play’ environment. While they encourage independent learning, Manipulatives are designed to be used in a particular way as each focuses on a particular concept.

AMO Programme produces a range of Montessori Manipulatives to their exact prescribed specifications. They are generally made of hard wood and are durable. Each of the specialized materials is unique to Montessori and designed with particular purpose in mind. We provide for curriculum areas such as Language, Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Science.

Whether for school or home, we have a range of materials for you at reasonable prices.