At the end of 2011 the AMO Programme initiated their Model School Project. 

Main goal of the project is to advocate the method of child-centred education in the schools all over Ghana. ‘Active Learning by the children’ will be enabled by the use of ALMs. Therefore, in every region at least one school was selected, in cooperation with GES, to become a Model School. All these schools were supplied with a wide selection of ALMs. 

At this moment, the year 2019, there are more than 20 Model Schools and this figure is growing each year.

 AMO Programme intends to create a paradigm shift: from teacher-centred education to child-centred education. By using this educational methodology in Ghana, we challenge children to develop their understanding and skills while playing. They learn to think creatively and it stimulates their brain to solve problems in different ways. In this way, children are shaped into independent individuals, who are able to make a valuable contribution to the development of the country of Ghana.

Like the name suggests, the function of a Model School is to be a role model for other schools in their region. Secure the principle of child-centred education, Teachers of Model Schools were/are trained in the Teacher Training. During the training, the use of the different ALMs is experienced and reflected on how to use them during their own teaching. Teachers are triggered to give own example ALM lessons. 

In the Model School Project, there is mutual commitment: 
– AMO provides Model Schools with ALMs, Manuals, Training and support
– Model Schools provides AMO with a certain performance standard and advocate AMO Programme 

Conditions for AMO Model School

Frequent and right use of the ALMs in lessons
Annual Performance Assessment by AMO Programme
Child-centred lessons
Attendance of regular training by the teachers, initiated by the AMO Programme or GEN
Appropriate storage of ALMs
New teachers joining the Model School should be well updated and trained
Different classes using ALMs
Promoting the use of ALM’s in at least 1-3 other schools in the region

Monitoring Visits

On regular basis Model Schools will be visited for monitoring purposes by a representative of the AMO Programme/Ghana Education Network. These Monitoring Visits will be announced on forehand, which enables the teachers to prepare an ALM lesson. 

There could be also unannounced visits, not directly for monitoring but for other reasons, like promotion. 

During Monitoring Visits, all classrooms will be visited, when possible, and the following main issues will get attention: 

Frequent use of ALMs 
Do the children recognize the ALM or is it the first time they see them? 
(most of the times are the reactions of children good indicators)

– Teachers are using ALMs
Which classes are using them?
Are the teachers trained, either by AMO or internal?

– What is the role of the Head Teacher in it?
Child-centred lessons
Do the children really get the ALMs or is it only the teacher who uses it?

– Storage of ALMs 
Where and how do they store the ALMs? Who is responsible for it?

– Model Role
Does the school advocate for the use of ALMs amongst other schools and the community? In which way is the advocating done?