Ghana Education Network


To give its activities a platform, AMO set up the Ghana Education Network (GEN). The GEN is already there as a platform but needs to grow into maturity. Strengthening the GEN is one of the short term goals of AMO Programme. The GEN wants to be a cooperation of organizations that all work for the quality improvement of education, in line with AMO’s Mission Statement. 

The GEN wants to propose opportunities to perform projects with some other members or all together, instead of all working separately on a limited scale. The GEN education network consists of (representatives of) organisations and institutions engaged in education and its development. Considered are Teacher Training Colleges, Universities, the Ministry of Education, NGOs aimed at education, Ghana Education Service, but also focus groups such as teachers, instructors, primary schools and other educational organisations.

Participants in GEN strongly vary in scale, structure, potency and social function. This is inherent to the diversity of the target groups in the educational field. The similarities between the focus groups/organisations are so large that a wide platform for quality improvement is useful. Notwithstanding the differences, everyone can contribute to it. Essential in the ideology behind GEN is that all participants advocate the willingness to improve the quality of education by developing themselves and helping others to do so as well. To be successful as a network, it is important to know the context in which it operates.


The mission of GEN is summarised in its motto: ‘Innovate and Join’. To strengthen the GEN, the main focus lies on bringing together interested parties and promoting its ideas. GEN will therefore organise exploratory meetings with interested parties to disclose the objectives of GEN and to form a GEN board from representatives of various interested parties. GEN intends to organise meetings, focus groups, seminars and cooperative projects. The GEN objectives are:

  • To fulfil the function of a meeting point for quality improvement in education, in which it is led by a vision on education and upbringing which is characterised by broad formation, individual development, development of talents and learning to take responsibility
  •  The promotion of the joint interests of the organisations and focus groups participating in GEN
  • Supporting new ideas and cooperation projects between two or more organisations or focus groups participating in GEN
  • Directing the attention of the society on the possibilities for quality improvement of education in the broadest sense
  • In 2015 GEN will act as an independent platform for educational development, recognised and supported by the Ghanaian government

As part of the GEN, AMO runs the Model School Programme. In the current activities of AMO this programme has become a central pillar.
The main goal behind the Model Schools is to spread the use of ALMs all over Ghana.




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