AMO Successfully Completes Entrepreneurship Training with Orange Corners

July 22, 2023

At AMO Programme, we are always striving to improve and foster innovation. Young aspiring minds are stepping up to embrace the challenges of starting their own ventures. Among these enterprising individuals, Daniel Agbeke, marketing officer of AMO Programme, represented the company to learn new ideas to improve on the work of AMO Programme.


Orange Corners, a renowned global incubator and accelerator, is committed to empowering young entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to bring their innovative ideas to their businesses and workplace.


The completion of the Training Program represents a significant milestone for AMO Programme, equipping the marketing officer with the tools required to navigate the challenges and complexities of the business world. Throughout the training, Daniel was exposed to a comprehensive curriculum covering essential aspects of entrepreneurship, including business development, marketing strategies, financial planning, and pitching techniques.


One of the core aspects of the Orange Corners program is mentorship. AMO had the privilege of learning from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who guided them through the intricacies of business management. This mentorship not only provided valuable insights but also helped instill confidence and self-belief.


Additionally, the training program facilitated networking opportunities, connecting AMO and other businesses with like-minded peers, and potential partners. Such connections are invaluable to accelerating business growth.


AMO Programme’s choice to participate in the Training Program with Orange Corners reflects the company’s quest to equip workers with the necessary skills to improve the general output. Instead of opting for traditional employment, many are embracing entrepreneurship as a means to express their creativity, make a difference, and create sustainable solutions for pressing global challenges.


With the completion of this training, AMO is now better equipped to tackle the real-world challenges of launching and growing a successful business. AMO can effectively identify market gaps, develop innovative solutions, and build a business model that stands the test of time.