It's Official! AMO Programme Limited is here

September 21, 2021

It’s Official: AMO Programme is now a Company

The Journey to AMO Programme Limited
In 2018, the Board of AMO Programme considered transforming the organization into a Social Enterprise which led to a reengineering of the organization. Following this, consultations were held at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Accra to enable stakeholder engagement and advice.

2 years on, AMO Programme Limited has been duly registered and recognised by the laws of Ghana. Our resolve as company limited by guarantee will be to maintain our humble social beginnings as we attempt to make healthy profits, and then keep our roots in education.

A bright future on the horizon
The entire team at AMO Programme is braced as we enter unchartered waters. As we put on a new professional image, we are excited about opportunities in;

  • Attracting new partners and investors
  • Expanding into different locations or markets
  • Accessing a wider range of lending opportunities
  • Protection for shareholders and investors
  • Enjoying economies of scale in production
  • Competing on an even playing field with other industry players
  • Increasing revenue every year through tax cuts
  • Continuity and longer life span, and

We are so thankful for all the contributions and dedication that has accomplished this endeavour. Get ready Ghana. The new AMO Programme Limited is here.

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