AMO Learning Materials


    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” – Confucius

    Learning that is tedious, laboured, even impossible at a later stage, is pursued naturally and joyously at the early stages. The child’s interest is spontaneous. The learning is deep and lasting. After he observed primary school children, Edgar Dale concluded that people generally remember the most of what they ‘do’. It is therefore and essential, that children not only read, hear, see, say and write what they need to learn, but also that they are involved in doing.


    Especially for children, experiencing through playing is a good way of learning. Through puzzling, building, identifying, combining, arranging, sorting and playing, children come in contact with the basics of numeracy, literacy, creativity, problem solving and moral values. 

    AMO has selected certain learning materials that fit the Ghanaian context and are capable of stimulating active learning and providing satisfying experiences for children. The materials have seen revision over the years to and sought after.


    The products are made of hard wood sourced locally. Because they are wooden, they are more sustainable, kinder to the environment, and healthier for children developmentally and physically due to the high levels of toxic chemicals involved in manufacturing plastic toys.


    Presently, there are twenty-five (25) assorted learning materials for Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High levels. They are purposely to follow the principle of learning while playing or experiencing, and they are very useful for Ghana’s educational curriculum. Their fresh colour and engaging activities really captivate children and provokes them to want to find out more. They also come with colourful easy-to-use manuals.


    Our ALMs help to develop mathematical, reading, writing, differentiating, time-reading, problem solving and creative skills among others. Adinkra Memory for instance is designed for culture and history.

  • In general, AMO Learning Materials:

    • Develop fine motor skills
    • Develop hand-eye coordination
    • Develop sensorial abilities of dimension, colour, shape, texture
    • Develop memory and mental alertness
    • Develop social skills/impulse to working in groups
    • Create a variety in learning situations
    • Can be used in interdisciplinary applications

    Next to this, ALMs have the following benefits:

    • Children experience fun while learning
    • Children get intrinsic motivation while using the materials
    • Children have better understanding and want to discover more
    • Children learn independence while discovering things (on their own or together)
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