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  • AMO Programme is a local NGO in Ghana, West Africa. We are the leading producers of educational materials and added services; serving our communities for more than 25years. We partner frontrunners in child development and educational management across the globe to provide a wide range of solutions for educators and educational centres.

    AMO is an acronym for ‘Agodi Ma Osuahu’. The expression is derived from Twi, one of Ghana’s main languages, and literally translated as ‘Playing gives experience’. The essence of this expression is children (and adults) actively learning by using learning content and materials instead of reproducing knowledge of teachers.

  • Today’s education landscape emphasises the child’s natural curiosity and creativity and allows them to develop at their own pace.

    Active learning strategies like brainstorming, role plays, presentation, and group work are used to empower, engage and stimulate a classroom by putting learners at the center of the learning process.

    Especially for children, experiencing through playing is a good way of learning. Through puzzling, building, identifying, combining, arranging, sorting and playing, children come in contact with the basics of numeracy, literacy, creativity, problem solving and moral values.

  • A society will be able to change and come to full development when its citizens have access to qualitatively good education. To ensure access to quality education, a country must be able to integrate all educational related factors and aspects into one education policy.

    After many brave reforms, Ghana’s education system still has the rote based ‘chalk-and-talk’ method, especially in under-resourced communities. A2017/2018 report by the EMIS Department of Ministry of Education states, “…There are not enough learning materials, and Classrooms are often overcrowded with class size reaching up to 60.”

    At AMO Programme, we contribute by developing and producing stimulating learning materials (ALMs) and providing continuous training, mentoring and coaching to teachers so teachers can play their part in making the change from teacher-centred to child-centred education.

  • AMO Programme has four departments: Production, Training, Research and Marketing. We have seen over the years that any solution that does not involve the people concerned eventually fails. For this, Stephen Covey fondly says “Involve people in the problem, and work out the solution together.” AMO Programme is strictly guided by the principles of:

    • Local governance: Our Board and Management consist of Ghanaians.
    • Local people: Our employees are Ghanaians.
    • Local materials: We use wood from local sources.
    • Local products: Our ALMs fit within the Ghanaian educational context.

  • 1995

    AMO Programme was founded at Kwahu-Abetifi by a Dutch couple who worked and lived in Ghana.


    AMO Programme became an independent local NGO. As any other, at that time AMO Programme had its own challenges, struggles and successes. The Board of Governors succeeded and established AMO Programme as a leading factor within education.


    A Dutch committee that supported AMO in this challenge would later be known as ABaCus Foundation. In the years 2006 and 2007 AMO Programme had several projects concerning implementing Active Learning Materials (ALMs) in Ghanaian primary education, supported by some donors. Besides this, a few woodworking machines for the workshop were purchased. These projects made AMO flourish.


    A steady progress was made towards some sustainability.


    AMO Model School Project was initiated. Throughout Ghana, AMO Model Schools were started in every region to give sight to the vision of AMO Programme in the whole country.

  • 2012

    Coordination was done by Hopespring Foundation in Accra.


    AMO Programme got funding to build a new Workshop.


    AMO Programme opened its Headquarters and Workshop at Abepotia-Nkawkaw, near the Accra-Kumasi highway.


    All operations were moved from the hills of Abetifi to Abepotia. Thus the Production of learning materials and overall coordination are conducted efficiently at the same premises.


    A Training Unit was established. With a comprehensive training package being developed, AMO Programme will begin to offer various levels of training to propagate active learning and build capacity of educators across Ghana.

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