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Throughout the years, the volunteers below have been active for AMO Programme on behalf of the partner organizations. Each with their own expertise. AMO is very happy with the support and input of these enthusiastic young people.

 Linda Dove

Linda is working for AMO Programme since September 2014. You can read more about her life in Ghana at:

Jordi & Lisanne 

In October 2013, Jordi and Lisanne left for nine months to support AMO Programme. You can now follow them through their own blog:

Tanja Hagen

Tanja volunteered in 2011 at AMO Programme. Read more about her stay at:

Dirkjan & Carienne

Dirkjan and Carienne volunteered in 2009 for AMO Programme.

Freke & Linda

Freke and Linda have been working for AMO Programme for three months in 2006.

Machteld Kok

Machteld Kok was in Ghana in 2005. Continue reading at: