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Next to producing and selling ALMs, AMO also offers training for teachers. Introducing teaching-learning materials in the educational system requires a paradigm shift. The ‘new experience’ is to create child-centered lessons. It is not something that can be easily done. For teachers it is important to understand the motives behind this new way of educating children.

AMO is very motivated to help teachers and schools by this new way of thinking. Therefore AMO offers a training package. The training will take about three hours and is most effective when it can take place on location with all the teachers from a school. During the training teachers are challenged to explore the ALMs and make an example lesson. The Training Team from AMO will assist them by doing this and give feedback afterwards. The costs for a training depend on the location and number of teachers joining the training. AMO, as a local NGO, always intends to come to a satisfying agreement. We are challenging you to join us in the new experience!