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Through this Page we will give you updates about training programs, changes in our ALM catalog and others..


Akwaaba to our website! Thanks for showing your interest in AMO Programme. Together with you we want to improve the quality of education in Ghana. You are invited to look through our ALM catalog on this website, as well as to bring a visit to our production facility. In Abepotia-Nkawkaw we can show you around through the Workshop, where a team of 6 employees produce all our ALMs. We strive to constantly improve the quality of our ALMs and training programs. Suggestions, questions and remarks are welcome. You can contact us either by giving us a phone call, sending an e-mail, or leaving a message through the Contact page.

New TLM: Map of Ghana Puzzle

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New TLM: Map of Ghana Puzzle

A new TLM is available now. Click here for more detailed information.

Updates on travels in November 2015

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Updates on travels in November 2015

by the Coordinator and Volunteer Marjet from Holland. 

There was a two (2) days training at Save Our Lives Ghana in Anwiakwanta on the 18th – 19th November, 2015. The training was successful as teachers learnt how to create child-centered lessons using the AMO TLMs.The total cost for training and purchase of TLMs was GH₵1,930. (more…)

AMO report update 1

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AMO report update 1

The objective of AMO PROGRAMME in “making transformative changes in child-education through the promotion of experiential learning using AMO teaching-learning materials” is progressively being embraced by schools in Ghana. As a result, AMO Programme continues to engage with schools, individuals, churches and organizations (with interest in education) in expanding the scope of the programme. Update AMO Report

Building contiunes

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Building contiunes

The new AMO Workshop looks more and more like a new workplace.

The foundation walls are finished. The next step is the roof.

We are looking forward to work at the new place! (more…)

The good old days

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Today we want present to you a interesting video about Ghana in 1957. Have a look at:


Teacher Training session in Kumasi

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AMO Progrmame is committed to providing sets of education materials for the various institutions as well as offer training sessions for teachers on how to use the materials in class.

As part of the series of trainings being organized to build the capacities of teachers, AMO Programme in partnership with the Presbyterian Education Unit in the Asante Presbytery, Kumasi organized a workshop for crèche and kindergarten (KG) teachers. The training was held on 22nd January, 2015 at the Ramseyer Memorial Conference Hall, Adum – Kumasi.

The workshop brought together sixty – two (62) teachers from both private and public Presbyterian schools in the Kumasi metropolis. The teachers learnt the importance of using teaching-learning materials (TLMs) for their lessons in the classroom. At the end of the day, there was a paradigm shift of creating child-centered lessons instead of teacher-centered lessons through the use of TLMs.

We acknowledge the support of all the directors of the unit and the Asante Presbytery. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Presbyterian Education Unit as we organize many more workshops.


The teachers listening to our presentation










AMO supports all the time

A group of teachers working on the fruit tree

Building continues

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Building continues

The construction of the new AMO workshop is really starting to take shape. We are working hard despite various minor setbacks.

The foundation is finished and that means building has reached a new stage! From now, it is more clear how it all will be! (more…)

AMO workers learning the use of products

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AMO workers learning the use of products

The AMO workers are constantly being instructed on the use of the Teaching and Learning Materials, in order to create the best reliability and usability of products.


ABaCus Foundation

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ABaCus Foundation

ABaCus is a Dutch foundation aiming to improve education in Africa.