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AMO intends to improve the quality of education by implementing TLMs. Especially for children, experiencing through playing is a good way of learning. Through puzzling, building, identifying, combining, arranging, sorting and playing, children come in contact with the basics of numeracy, literacy, creativity, problem solving and moral values.


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 AMO programme, Ghana

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Updates on travels in November 2015

by the Coordinator and Volunteer Marjet from Holland. 


There was a two (2) days training at Save Our Lives Ghana in Anwiakwanta on the 18th – 19th November, 2015. The training was successful as teachers learnt how to create child-centered lessons using the AMO TLMs.The total cost for training and purchase of TLMs was GH₵1,930.

In order to strengthen the partnership between AMO and the Presbyterian Education Unit we visited the unit at Adum – Kumasi. We had a cordial interaction with Rev. Isaac Gyamera Konadu; Regional Manager of Schools, Ashanti and his deputy Mrs. Eunice Akonnor as well as the staff. Sales of GH₵530 was received with the hope of additional orders next year. This was also an opportunity for us at AMO to thank the Education Unit for their immense support.

Furthermore, as part of our marketing and building relationships with the schools we visited Mount Olivet School and Wings for Life Ghana at Kumasi. TLMs worth GH₵100 was delivered to Mount Olivet School. We were also privileged to see their facilities, few lessons in the classroom with the use of the AMO TLMs as well as interact with the heads of the schools and their teachers. Our clients were enthusiastic about the visit to their schools.

Thus, in forming more partnerships, the proprietor of Mount Olivet School would like to create the platform whereby AMO will organize a workshop next year for the Private Schools Association in Kumasi and market the TLMs depending on our capacity to deliver.

Additionally, AMO organized a workshop for twenty-eight (28) teachers at Lincoln Community School, Abelenkpe – Accra on Saturday 14th November, 2015 as part of their annual Ten Conference for Ghanaian Educators. Twenty-two (22) teachers at Lincoln Community School also ordered some TLMs worth GH₵3,910.50 and sales of GH₵420 was realized at the Ten Conference.

Once again, we will be participating in the Holiday Bazaar at Lincoln Community School, Abelenkpe – Accra on Saturday 28th November,2015 to make some sales. We will also have a meeting with a Dutch woman; Marjon Durang who found AMO on the internet at the beginning of the year and contacted ABaCus. Our interaction is to hear about her interest in AMO and the possibility of getting TLMs for some schools she works with in the Northern Region of Ghana.